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I cant believe how many hits this page is still getting!

I can't make G2004 this year so I'm not gonna change anything, sorry to those who have requested it. And to those who have sent their thanks my appreciation.

Some us will be flying flags at our tents for easy identification, later on the designs will be shown on this site. A great idea if you're not going to make up your own flag is to buy one from EFestivals
Check It out Here.

A Message from Venusvibetrap, the fellah who started this all off...
I started the Topic to get an idea if any one in the EFest Forums was interested in sharing a borders camp site this year at Glasto. I'm in two minds of what to do for camping this year.... H 15 was a reallly really nice spot, just under the security tower and the bl;oke on it was a star !we felt like we had to supply him with some of our beer etc etc... but it was a hell of a walk up that hill!!! Thinking seriously about joining dad and co in or around pennards hill (D 12 d cos i havent camped over that side before) and it sounds good being so close to the greenfields etc. plus it will be a laugh if a load of us get together!!! Previous camping spots have been in E 5 f area and never again!! Far too hectic,nicking and general nastyness ! Whos up for D 12 camping? dad do u mind us invading your space looking at the map again it was actually K 15 h, I think that's we where in last year!!